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What Does The Bullpen Feature?

*   a 6,400 sq. ft. indoor, fully turfed facility   *
*   3,700 sq. ft. turf area designated for pitching, defense, drills, and more   *
*   two 70' batting cages   *
*   HitTrax machine   *
*   I-Hack Attack machine with 150 automatic ball feeder with wireless control   *
*   I-Hack Attack machine features right/left-handed breaking pitches, and fastballs up to 100 mph   *
*   Jugs BP3 machine with advanced control features   *
*   Jugs BP3 machine features right/left breaking pitches, and fastballs up to 90 mph   *
*   two single-wheeled Jugs pitching machines for baseball and softball   *
*   8' x 12' plyometric wall for arm strength development and other training routines   *
*   portable pitching mounds for softball, little league, high school, and college levels   *
*   training equipment, including Jaeger Bands, heavy balls, speed and agility tools, and more   *

*   analytical training tools including Blast Motion, Pcket Radars, Radar Guns, and Rapsodo   *
*   portable sock-nets, five Tanner Tee's, and two 9-Hole Pitchers Pockets   *
*   one-on-one instruction opportunities from qualified and advanced coaches   *


Our Mission

Here with the Bulls, we are ecstatic to offer young players, both in baseball and softball, the opportunity to receive not only great and extensive teachings from our qualified staff and coaches, but to have the opportunity to play and compete closer to home.  

With the game of baseball and softball becoming ever-changing sports, we as staff members and coaches are excited to continue to learn about these new and advanced programming tools to help in the continuation of each individuals development throughout the years.  

*   to assist athletes in improving in all necessary areas of their game   *

*   to assist in each players personal skill development day-in and day-out   *
*   to help them become the best player they can be   *

*   to prepare them for their next level based on their age group   *
*   to teach how to be great teammates, team players, and how to respect their respective game   *

Why Bulls Baseball & Softball?

*   team and individual evaluations from coaching staff and/or instructors   *
*   practices and instruction geared toward athletic development   *
*   use of advanced equipment and new-age technologies   *
*   opportunities to receive video and analytical breakdowns   *
*  opportunities to compete in challenging and quality tournaments   *
*  opportunities for one-on-one instruction with qualified coaches   *
*   supervised training and practice sessions   *
*   opportunities for individualized specific programs based on position and preference   *
*   guidance on "how to" approach YOUR next level

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